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Wound care - Less than 60 minute e-learning events

On this page you will find a series of workshops using a multimedia presentation of PowerPoint slides with audio commentary by the NPC team. You will need speakers and a sound card in your computer.

The outline of each short presentation is given below. Simply click on one of the underlined links and then click on the play icon to begin. You can jump forwards to skip a slide or backwards to repeat a slide by clicking the relevant slide on the left hand side of the console.

General wound care and dressings Part 1 (20min 17secs)

  • chronic wounds
  • factors affecting healing
  • wound assessment
  • wound cleansing

General wound care and dressings Part 2 (17min 47secs)

  • evidence for dressing choice
  • types of dressings
  • silver dressings

Diabetic foot ulcers (20min 36secs)

  • diagnosis and assessment
  • management options and NICE guidance
  • preventing and managing infection

Leg ulcers Part 1 (16min 09secs)

  • assessment

Leg ulcers Part 2 (15min 11secs)

  • management options for venous leg ulcers

Leg ulcers Part 3 (08min 47secs)

  • management options for arterial leg ulcers
  • case study
  • overall summary

Pressure ulcers (17min 54secs)

  • prevention of pressure ulcers management options risk assessment NICE guidance preventing and trearting infected pressure ulcers