Common infections - Respiratory tract

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Respiratory tract - Case studies

Changes/additions to materials: (reviewed February 2010):

MHRA warning about OTC cough and cold medicines in young children

In February 2009, in the absence of robust evidence for their effectiveness, and the risk of harm, the MHRA warned against the use of many commonly used over-the-counter cough and cold medicines for children under six years of age. Supply of these medicines for children aged 6–12 years is restricted to pharmacies. For more details see MeReC Stop Press No. 311

Work through the case studies below to test your knowledge on common infections - respiratory tract. The answers given within this case study are model answers and not the only correct answer.

Case 1: Jane a 19 year old with a sore throat

Case 2: Tom a two year old with a sore ear

Case 3: David a 32 year old with a blocked nose and sinus pain

Case 4: Margaret a 39 year old with a cough and runny nose

Case 5: Elizabeth a 48 year old with cough and fever