Common infections - Introduction

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Common infections - Introduction - Less than 60 minute e-learning events

Last updated December 2008

Changes/additions to materials: (reviewed August 2011):

Updated advice on paracetamol dosing in children

The MHRA has updated current advice on dosing for children’s liquid medicines containing paracetamol. The updated dosing has a larger number of narrower age bands, and defines an exact dose per age band. All paracetamol suspension preparations for children should have the updated instructions by the end of 2011. Please see MeReC Rapid Review No. 3964 for more information.

On this page you will find a series of workshops using a multimedia presentation of PowerPoint slides with audio commentary by the NPC team. You will need speakers and a sound card in your computer.

The outline of each short presentation is given below. Simply click on one of the underlined links and then click on the play icon to begin. You can jump forwards to skip a slide or backwards to repeat a slide by clicking the relevant slide on the left hand side of the console.

Section 1 - What are the major Public Health issues? (12min 39secs)

  • Rates of common infections
  • Antimicrobial resistance
  • Major policy objectives

Section 2 - What is happening with MRSA and C. difficile? (11min 20secs)

  • Handwashing

Section 3 - Trends in antibiotic usage and outcomes (15min 37secs)

  • Prescribing data and trends
  • Effect on resistance patterns and illness
  • Risks of not prescribing antibiotics

Section 4 - General strategies for appropriate use of antimicrobials (21min 45secs)

  • NICE guidance for URTIs
  • Patient-focused initiatives
  • Evidence for non-antibiotic intervention