Common infections - Introduction

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Common infections - Introduction - Data focused commentaries

Changes/additions to materials: (reviewed August 2011):

Updated advice on paracetamol dosing in children

The MHRA has updated current advice on dosing for children’s liquid medicines containing paracetamol. The updated dosing has a larger number of narrower age bands, and defines an exact dose per age band. All paracetamol suspension preparations for children should have the updated instructions by the end of 2011. Please see MeReC Rapid Review No. 3964 for more information.

We have produced data focused commentaries to highlight areas where there appear to be differences between the evidence-base, as described elsewhere on this website, and current clinical practice. These resources can be read on the screen by clicking on or by downloading and printing the 'PDF'.

This commentary covers:-

  • the rise of MRSA and sexually transmitted infections in recent years
  • international rates of antibiotic prescribing and UK trends
  • current hot topics - usage of quinolones, tetracyclines and antifungals
  • strategies to improve antibiotic prescribing

Download a copy of the common infections - introduction data focused commentary

Data focused commentaries are written in the context of careful consideration of the available evidence. There are limits to the interpretation of data and assuming it is a true reflection of clinical practice. Nevertheless, we regard the issues represented within data focused commentaries as being legitimate issues for debate.