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QIPP – medicines management options for local implementation

The NPC has been working, since autumn 2010, with the Department of Health, Clare Howard (QIPP National Lead Medicines Use and Procurement) along with other stakeholders on the QIPP programme involving medicines. The latest update of the National Prescribing Centre’s Key therapeutic topics – Medicines management options for local implementation has now been published. This update contains revised options reflecting progress made in some of these areas, and changing circumstances and priorities. Four topics have been ‘retired’ (alendronate, clopidogrel, orlistat and PPIs), while five new ones have been introduced (laxatives, first-choice antidepressant use in adults with depression or generalised anxiety disorder, three-day courses of trimethoprim for uncomplicated urinary tract infection, minocycline and wound care products). Some sections have also been combined to create two new key topics – ‘type 2 diabetes mellitus’ and ‘lipid modifying drugs including ezetimibe’. The other topics remain the same, with some updates in the light of new guidance and important new evidence.


The NPC, the NHS Information Centre and the NHS Prescription Services of the NHS Business Services Authority (NHS RxS) have developed comparators to help with the monitoring of progress on these topics. To accompany this latest update there are some revisions, additions and deletions from the QIPP Prescribing Comparators previously available. These data are available on the NHS RxS website and from the NHS Information Centre, and the comparators are listed in Section 2 of this document.

Click here to view or download the April 2012 Version 4.2 updated document:

Proposed revisions and additions to QIPP Therapeutic Topics (QTT) and QIPP Prescribing Comparators (QPC).

Click here to view the anonymised summary of feedback (Nov/Dec 2011) and responses to feedback.