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Prescribing Specials

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Although no new Medicines and prescribing content will be published to the NPC legacy website, the extensive catalogue of existing publications, resources and e-learning materials will still be available to view and download for as long as the information contained within them remains accurate and up-to-date. All future Medicines and prescribing outputs will be published on the NICE website and signposted from the Medicines and prescribing homepage.

Prescribing Specials – Five guiding principles for prescribers

Specials are special-order unlicensed medicines made to meet the needs of an individual patient. Unlicensed medicines may be prescribed in clinical situations where it is judged that, on the basis of available evidence, unlicensed use is in the best interest of the patient. The guidance includes several important considerations for prescribers when deciding to prescribe a Special. The five guiding principles are based on good practice and highlight specific issues to support prescribers in the safe and appropriate use of Specials.