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Problem solving

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Although no new Medicines and prescribing content will be published to the NPC legacy website, the extensive catalogue of existing publications, resources and e-learning materials will still be available to view and download for as long as the information contained within them remains accurate and up-to-date. All future Medicines and prescribing outputs will be published on the NICE website and signposted from the Medicines and prescribing homepage.

Problem solving is an important concept that is aimed at following and working through a process. Some tasks create more problems than others, but even the smallest tasks can be made much simpler when applying creative thinking techniques and problem solving tools and techniques to them.


‘Problem solving’ incorporates;

  • Tools and techniques for problem solving; and
  • Applying creative thinking techniques.


Find out more information about ‘problem solving’ by using the e-learning materials for ‘applying creative thinking techniques’, and ‘tools and techniques for problem solving’ and/or the other useful links and resources available on the left-hand side menu.