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We began seriously exploring why high quality evidence is not often implemented evenly or quickly in clinical practice in 2002. After quickly assimilating the systems-based approaches we were equally quickly educated about their limitations, notably by Professor Trisha Greenhalgh – now of Queen Mary’s College, University of London. The rest of the story is described in this film. It chronicles our journey through thousands of papers and books covering Information Mastery, cognitive psychology, decision aids and group decision-making. We remain eternally grateful to all those who have helped us with this work, and hope we have added a little value ourselves along the way.

The film was made primarily to support local groups in the UK making decisions about medicines and their use in localities. But we think it will also be of interest to many other individuals and groups interested in evidence, information management, and decision-making.

Neal Maskrey, Director of Evidence-based Therapeutics, National Prescribing Centre, Liverpool UK.

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Introduction (11,540KB) Introduction (26,474KB) 2:04
Evidence-based medicine (49,223KB) Evidence-based medicine (114,172KB) 9:15
Information mastery (58,780KB) Information mastery (136,627KB) 13:05
Individual decision-making (71,763KB) Individual decision-making (166,447KB) 13:30
Group decision-making (35,940KB) Group decision-making (82,721KB) 7:45
Patient decision aids (32,261KB) Patient decision aids (76,016KB) 6:16
Summary and credits (22,424KB) Summary and credits (51,336KB) 5:25